Frequently Asked Questions

following surgery for retinal detachment

Can I resume my normal daily activities following surgery?

You should be able to continue your normal way of life immediately, apart from initial posturing requirements.   Your eye specialist will advise you as to when you may return to work.

What will my vision be like after surgery?

You may find that the quality of your vision is not as good as previously although, depending on whether the operation to reattach your retina was successful, your vision will hopefully be restored.  The retina may not function fully immediately, as gas or silicone oil will have been inserted in your eye.  Therefore, recovery of vision can take a while and will be a gradual process.

Am I likely to develop a detached retina in the other eye?

In some cases there may be a greater possibility of this happening.  Therefore if any symptoms are noticed, urgent referral to an eye specialist will be necessary for both eyes to be examined and appropriate advice.

Will I be able to drive after surgery?

In order to be able to drive safely you must be able to read a number plate at 25 yards (20.3 metres) in daylight (with spectacles if worn) and have an adequate field of vision.  Your doctor will discuss this with you and decide when it is safe for you to return to driving.

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