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Eyelid Cysts   (Chalazia)


A common condition caused by a blockage in one of the small glands in the eyelid (see 'Blepharitis') causing a small lump to develop.  It should not cause you any major problems with your vision but is easy to treat if you find it unsightly or uncomfortable.

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Your specialist may prescribe antibiotics initially, to reduce the inflammation in the eyelid. Treatment with hot compresses may also help to release the contents of the cyst and further intervention may not therefore be required.


If the initial treatment with antibiotics has not resolved the chalazion, it can be removed surgically.  This is a short, painless procedure using anaesthetic eye drops.

The cyst is removed from the inside of the eyelid - no stitches are necessary, and no scar will be visible. Antibiotic ointment will then be applied, followed by an eye pad which may be removed after 2 hours, or left overnight for comfort if necessary.  You may be given ointment to use in the eye for 3-4 subsequent days.

Any bruising after the procedure is normal and should resolve in a short time.

Some people find these lumps re-occur and using hot compresses on the lids and massaging them in the morning may help to prevent this.

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