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Treatment for Blepharitis and Lid Hygiene Advice

Treatment consists of a regular and frequent lid hygiene routine, using some or all of the following measures. These should be carried out once or twice daily, followed by use of drops or ointment (if prescribed).

You will be instructed as to which preparations are appropriate for your type of blepharitis. These will help control your condition and you may find it takes a few weeks before treatment starts to take effect.

Firstly, all traces of eye make-up should be thoroughly removed

1   Hot Compresses  -  help to soften crusts and debris by melting the oils in the blocked glands. These can be applied using a clean flannel and boiled water, as hot as is comfortable. Place the flannel on the closed eyelids for 5 minutes, reheating the flannel as necessary when it cools.

NEVER share flannels with other people

2   Lid Massage  -  helps unblock the meibomian glands and expresses the oils. Using a cotton bud (or your finger), stroke the skin of the lids gently, but firmly, towards the lashes (downwards from the top lid, upward from the bottom lid).

 Note: You must not carry out eyelid massage or cleaning for three weeks after cataract surgery or if you have had surgery for glaucoma.

 Eyelid Cleansing  -  cleans away any crusts present on the eyelids, particularly around the roots of the lashes.

Instructions for cleaning eyelids using sodium bicarbonate

Add one quarter teaspoon of Sodium Bicarbonate to a quarter pint of freshly cooled and boiled water

  Mix thoroughly & allow any sediment to settle

  Dip a piece of clean cotton wool (bud) or tissue into the solution and thoroughly clean the eyelids, particularly amongst the roots of the eyelashes

  Repeat every night, unless otherwise directed

  Prepare a fresh solution daily

  Apply a small amount of the ointment prescribed after the cleaning regime, if asked to do so


DO use a bud only once 

DO NOT use buds from eye to eye

DO NOT dip a used bud into the solution

DO NOT clean inside the lids

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