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T h e   I n i t i a l   C o n s u l t a t i o n

For this first appointment it is helpful to have available:

  • a copy of your last sight test prescription and / or distance spectacles

  • contact lens solution and container, as contact lenses will need to be removed for the eye examination

  • someone to drive you home!

Your first consultation involves an assessment of your past ocular history, including presence of any other eye condition, surgery or trauma as well at your present refractive state.

Your consultant will discuss the various options available to you and the reality of achieving your desired visual outcome.

You will have a full eye examination and the visual acuity of each eye will be measured.  Your pupils will be dilated and this will result in blurred and light sensitive vision for up to four hours afterwards. The eye pressure will be checked and pupil size measured at this time.

Following this consultation, it is strongly recommended that time is taken to consider the options, outcome statistics and the complications of treatment that will be discussed with you during this time.

Assessment for treatment will Involve the following:

  •  Detailed refraction

  •  Corneal topography (mapping the contours of the cornea using a  computerised scanner)

  •  Various ocular measurements such as eye length

  •  Final discussion regarding treatment options

This will take place either on the day of treatment or at an additional appointment.

 You will be asked to sign a consent form and return it in advance or on the day of treatment.

For contact lens wearers

Contact lenses should not be worn immediately prior to treatment, as this can affect corneal shape and render the inaccuracies in the ocular measurement that are taken immediately before treatment. It is suggested that you abstain from lens wearing for:

Soft lens:    

Gas permeable:     

 2 weeks

4 weeks

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