Clear Lens Surgery

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Clear Lens Surgery 

The surgical technique performed is called phacoemulsification, whereby the lens is extracted and replaced with a posterior chamber lens implant. This is the same surgical technique that is performed for the removal of cataracts. In this instance it is undertaken when the lens of the eye is clear instead of when it is cloudy.

This is a ‘key hole’ or small incision operation performed under local anaesthetic, which generally takes 10 –15 minutes to perform.

Unlike the fixed focus lens implant generally used in cataract surgery, clear lens surgery will use an accommodative implant that aims to provide clear near and distance vision with minimal need for optical correction.

This surgery offers high quality vision compared to current corneal techniques for high or extreme myopia or hyperopia. 

There is a minimal risk of haemorrhage, infection and of retinal detachment associated with the surgery and there may be an additional risk with any subsequent YAG laser application, which may be required in later years.

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