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Wavefront Technology

~  adapted from pioneering technology developed by physicists and astronomers

Wavefront technology uses software to accurately map out a path for the laser in reshaping the cornea. This means that surgeons are now able to measure and treat a broader range of visual disorders than was previously possible. 

Refractive errors in the human eye, such as short sight, long sight and regular astigmatism, are known as lower order aberrations.  Higher order aberrations are much more subtle optical defects, causing problems such as distortion, glare and halos. 

Wavefront technology, pioneered by astronomers in order to produce clearer images of space when viewing distant stars and planets through telescopes, has been adapted in order to capture these complex distortions to the retinal images. 

A fine beam of light, which is projected into the eye during scanning, is reflected back by the retina.  The returning reflection is monitored and measured over many points of the pupil, enabling identification of the most subtle imperfections. 

This revolutionary form of LASIK surgery means improved outcomes and possible enhancement in overall quality and clarity of vision.

It does not treat presbyopia, however, the normal ageing change where the eye loses its capacity to change focus.  This can be treated with PRELEX, which is a surgical procedure to replace the natural lens of your eye. 


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