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Preparing for Surgery

If you are to have a local anaesthetic, you may have a light meal up to four hours beforehand.  If you are scheduled for a general anaesthetic, do not eat or drink anything for six hours before your operation. 

We advise you to leave all valuables at home and not to wear eye make-up to the hospital.  If you are taking other medications, you may continue to use these unless we advise to the contrary. 

Most cataract operations are treated as a day case but, if you prefer, overnight stays can be arranged.  Day case patients will not usually be required to change into a hospital gown, so it is advisable to wear comfortable clothing.  If you are staying in hospital overnight, please take night clothes and toiletries. 

If you have cataracts in both eyes, a minimum period of three days should have elapsed between the first operation and the second.

Patients who are about to undgo surgery should inform their specialist if they are taking aspirin on a regular basis, or anti-coagulants such as Warfarin.


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