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  • You will have an eye pad immediately after surgery which will be removed before you go home. You will need to wear a plastic shield over your eye for the four nights following your surgery.

  • We recommend that all patients arrange to be collected, as you should not drive yourself home following surgery.

  • You will be given eye drops to be placed in your eye four times a day for between two and three weeks after your operation. You will be given two different bottles of eye drops, which you should start using the morning after your operation. Use both together and leave five minutes between applications.

  • It is likely that your spectacles, if worn, may have to be changed and this can be done approximately two to four weeks after surgery.

  • The operation takes approximately half an hour, but you may leave one hour after your operation. You will be advised if you need to be reviewed the following day but you will definitely require to be seen two to three weeks after your operation. Further appointments may be necessary.

  • Immediately after the operation, some initial blurring of the vision may occur and the eye will look red. Patients are given drops to take home which help to prevent infection and reduce swelling. This will settle down after the first two to three days.



    After surgery you may return to your normal activities

    Avoid getting water in your eye for three weeks

    Avoid rubbing your eye for one month

    Avoid situations where the eye could be knocked

    It is OK to bend down and lift heavy objects, go up and down stairs and work in the garden

    Reading and watching TV will do the eye NO harm

    Protect the eye when washing the face for at least the first two weeks following the operation

    Avoid wearing eye make up for two weeks after the operation

    Sun glasses may be helpful if the eye is sensitive to light

    Continue putting in the prescribed eye drops until you are instructed otherwise

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