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Contraindications for Corneal Refractive Surgery 


Refractive surgery may be considered inappropriate if the following conditions are present since there may be additional risk or a poor outcome may be involved:

  • In patients under the age of 16 years

  • Unstable refraction in adulthood

  • Where there is only one eye with good vision

  • Significant ocular abnormality

  • Keratoconus (conical cornea)

  • A warped cornea such as occurs with contact lens wear, unless the lens is left out for a few  weeks

  • Previous Herpes viral infection of the cornea

  • Pregnancy

  • Drugs which interfere with the healing response such as chemotherapy

  • Severe dry eye disease may be a contraindication to some forms of refractive surgery

  • Those who are inappropriately motivated, who have unrealistic expectations and /or do not comprehend the nature of the treatment

  • Certain medical conditions such as diabetes mellitus, SLE, rheumatoid arthritis, connective tissue disease and other auto-immune disease

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