PRELEX Intraocular lenses






(Presbyopic Lens Exchange)


As we age, the lens in our eye becomes less flexible and we find it more difficult to focus at near and distance.  This means that we cannot see objects clearly at close range so require reading glasses. 

PRELEX is a surgical procedure, using new technology, to replace the natural lens of your eye with a multi-focal or pseudo-accommodative intraocular lens implant.  The lens implants are left in the eye permanently.  PRELEX may be an option for patients unable to undergo LASIK due to thin corneas. 

New advances have been made in lens technology, enabling surgeons to provide presbyopic patients with multi-focal vision and the ability to see clearly close-up, as well as at intermediate distances and  far away.  Dependence on glasses can be reduced or eliminated. 


The procedure is similar to that used to treat patients for cataract removal and the surgical techniques employed have been proved to be safe and successful over a number of years. 


Multi-focal intraocular lenses were first used over 10 years ago, although fixed-focus intraocular lenses, giving clear distance vision but still requiring reading glasses, have been implanted for decades.  Patients who have multi-focal intra-ocular lenses implanted will find that it takes time for them to become familiar with using the lenses and for near vision to fully improve. 

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You will never need treatment for cataracts after PRELEX

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