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Multi-Focal and Accommodative Lens Implants

Multi-focal lenses have been implanted for over ten years, although fixed-focus intraocular lenses have been implanted for decades in patients undergoing cataract surgery. 

In the mid 1990s, in order to treat presbyopia, surgeons started to use the multi-focal intraocular lens to implant in patients, even though these patients did not have a cataract. 

In 1998 an American Ophthalmologist, Dr Kevin Waltz,  received multi-focal lenses to replace the natural lenses in his own eyes, becoming the first eye surgeon in the world to do so.

He called this procedure PRELEX, (PREsbyopic Lens EXchange) and has lectured around the world, describing his own amazing visual improvement.  Since then, the results achieved have led to a progressive group of international ophthalmologists using this procedure as part of their own refractive surgery options and we have achieved successful results in our own Practice. 

PRELEX is a surgical procedure and, as such, it should be noted that no form of surgery is without risk, although the vast majority of patients experience no complications. 

Your surgeon will decide which type of intraocular lens implant is appropriate for you.  On the following pages you can learn about some of the options available. 

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